VDI 2.0 is a cloud-native VDI solution that enables IT to deploy on-premises VDI in a day.

VDI 2.0 is 10x simpler

The Workspot VDI solution is 10x simpler because it is cloud-native and designed for the modern data center. No more brokers to deploy. Or web interface. Or load balancing. Or provisioning servers.  Or databases. Or license servers. No need to worry about high availability of each of those components. You can deploy your desktops on-premises either on legacy 3 tier infrastructure or modern hyper-converged infrastructure. Now you can deploy on-premises VDI in a day!



Problem: VDI 1.0 is complex

A legacy data center (servers, storage, and networks) was optimized for server workloads – tens to hundreds of VMs with 80% reads. A VDI workload can easily have thousands of VMs with 80% writes. The VDI workload broke the legacy data center optimizations.

VDI 1.0 solutions like Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon were built to work around the problems created by desktop workloads. Since data center storage was expensive, new features like golden images, app layering and dynamic desktop composition were introduced. In order to solve the problems with performance of SAN/NAS different technologies to leverage local storage or inline de-duplication were introduced.

All these additional components increased operational complexity of VDI. When a user could not connect to their desktop, it was difficult to determine the source of the problem. Every problem needed engineers from multiple teams: storage, networking, servers, desktops, and virtualization.

Key Benefits of VDI 2.0

    • Enterprise class deployment in a day
    • Reduces CapEx by 95%
    • Reduces OpEx by 50-90%


Ready to discover how VDI 2.0 makes VDI insanely simple?


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